An Arduino + water level sensor project 💧

Project at a Glance, 1 min DEMO

Need Finding

Through the early stage of need finding, patients who need to take medicine several times a day live their lives subject to frequent interruption.

I realized that redesigning a digital app is not an ideal solution. since the phone itself sets barriers for the elderly and adds an extra step.

How might we design intuitive reminders and increase their sense of control in life?

Building solutions

Immersed in maker spaces, I designed and engineered a smart home device that auto-detects the amount of liquid users consume to raise their situational awareness. The goal is achieved by soldering a water-level detecting sensor controlled by C/C++ code in Arduino onto a Mega board and wiring it to a 3D printed mug prototype.

My working space at Envision Lab studio space

My working space at Envision Lab studio space